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New Astrophotography Telescope

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It's a very exciting time of year for astrophotographers with the return of the central bulge of the milky way in our night sky. (in the Northern Hemisphere) I feel like there may be a joke in there, but I'll leave that one alone.  I've got astronomy camping trips booked for June, July and August - as well as some time off at work so I can spend more time in the backyard under the stars.   With that being said, I've decided to invest in some new astrophotography equipment that will hopefully lead to some incredible new astrophotos this summer.  Let's start with the most exciting purchase…

Back in the Game – My New Mount!

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My New Mount Sky-Watcher Astrophotography Mount Above: NGC 7000: Imaged Monday, June 3, 2013. 32 subs 5 Minutes Each totoaling 2 Hours 40 Minutes Note: The above image was taken using my old mount last Monday.  After fighting with it for over an hour (mount shutting off, restarting, re-aligning 3 times!) I finally got it to work for one more night! I am officially back in the saddle again! My Celestron CG-5 issues had me a tad depressed about missing imaging time through the absolute best time of year. After the CG-5 was fixed in April, it quickly began acting…

Disaster! – Problems with Celestron CG-5 Mount

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Problems with Celestron CG-5 Mount Up until this point, my Celestron CG-5 mount has been very good to me. Despite what I have heard, it has been a quality mount, capable of 5+ minute exposures, no problem (with autoguiding).  Recently though, the power has been cutting in and out.  Last friday night, under clear, dark, moonless skies at the CCCA, I was forced to head home. Devastating!  The frustrating part, is not knowing whether the issue is the power switch, the jack, or the entire power board itself.  The only thing I know for sure is that it is not the ac adapter, as I have t…