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Astrophotography with a 12nm ha filter

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With the aid of an Astronomik 12nm Ha filter, I can capture deep-sky images more often than ever before.  With both the h-alpha clip version for my Canon DSLR and the 2" CCD round mounted version for the 183C, I collect photons in every moon phase. Despite the bright 80% illuminated moon on Saturday night - I was able to capture some incredible deep sky photos of the Wizard Nebula and Bubble Nebula in narrowband h-alpha and OIII wavelengths from my city backyard. The 2" Astronomik round mounted versions thread into my Altair Lightwave 0.8x field flattener/reducer - which I unite with m…

Narrowband images with a color camera

Narrowband Images with a Color Camera

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My latest encounters capturing narrowband images with a color camera have once again opened my eyes to a new level of astrophotography possibilities. In this post, I'll share my results using a color CMOS sensor camera. In the past, I found that by collecting narrowband data such as H-Alpha with a DSLR, you can complement your broadband (true color RGB) astrophotography.  This is great news for DSLR astrophotographers that want to amplify their deep sky imaging. Narrowband Astrophotography Filters The ongoing learning curve involved with astrophotography continues to provide me with…