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Pegasus Astro Stepper Motor Kit Review

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Astrophotography enthusiasts looking to automate their focusing procedure have a few options.  You can either purchase an entirely new focuser kit that includes a motor (such as a MoonLite Focuser) or upgrade your telescope's existing focuser with a stepper motor like the one available from Pegasus Astro. The point of the upgrade or modification is to better control the focus of your telescope, which is especially important for astrophotography.  There are many benefits to making this upgrade, but the most important aspect is to produce consistently sharp images with your DSLR or dedica…

Building a Deep Sky Astrophotography Kit

|Equipment|13 Comments

I am often asked for my opinion on the best route to take when it comes to building a deep sky astrophotography kit for the first time.  A popular option for many night sky enthusiasts is to start with a DSLR camera and telescope, and I can understand why.  Building an astrophotography setup that revolves around a user-friendly, entry-level DSLR can reap some impressive results. Modern-day hobbyist/beginner digital SLR cameras such as the Canon EOS Rebel T7i or Nikon D3400 provide the least-steep learning curve when it comes to deep-sky imaging in a very technical and sometimes overwhelmi…

iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount | First Look

|Equipment|6 Comments

The iOptron CEM60 is a center-balanced equatorial mount that provides an excellent platform for astrophotography.  This astrophotography mount has created quite a buzz both in terms of design and performance.  Weighing in at just 27 lbs, this mount can handle a substantial payload of 60 lbs. I've been given an opportunity to review the iOptron CEM60 this month, and hope to share my experiences in astrophotography along the way. This a step up from my previous mount used for deep sky astrophotography, the Sky-Watcher HEQ-5 Pro. The iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount The early feedback I…