A tracking equatorial telescope mount is required to take long exposure images of the night sky without star trailing. There are many excellent astrophotography mounts available today from portable harmonic drive mounts like the ZWO AM5 to robust observatory-grade platforms like the Sky-Wather EQ8-R Pro.

If you are looking for a telescope mount that is well-rounded for almost all forms of astrophotography, I highly recommend the versatile Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro. With a maximum payload capacity of 44 pounds, it can handle a wide range of telescopes and imaging configurations.

Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Mount

If you are looking for the ultimate level of portability, you can also take a look at the many excellent star trackers available for astrophotography.

Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Review

Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Review

The Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro is a computerized equatorial telescope mount with GoTo capabilities. This equatorial (EQ) mount is capable of providing precise, accurate tracking of the night sky, and is suitable for long-exposure astrophotography.  The core specifications of this equatorial mount include having a built-in ST-4 autoguider port, a payload capacity of 44 pounds, and…