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Use StarNet++ To Make Starless Astrophotography Images


StarNet++ is a simple program that allows you to remove the stars from your astrophotography images. I think it is an invaluable tool to have when processing your images, and I personally use it all the time. I first heard about StarNet++ from Chuck Ayoub on his YouTube Channel. He used it to remove the stars from his image of the Wizard Nebula, and it worked astonishingly well.  Following that, I saw many discussions about StarNet++ and how to use it. Suddenly, I was seeing starless astrophotography images pop up on Instagram and Astrobin daily.  At first, I thought that th…

Okie-Tex Workshop 2022


Cygnus Workshop Data Resources: StarNet V2 Astronomy Tools Action Set Noise Xterminator Star Xterminator      

best astrophotography images

The GEAR Behind My Best Images in 2021

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I’ve taken some amazing astrophotos this year, and I want to share the exact equipment I used in my approach and even some processing tips. After all - I know you're super pumped about the images I take - right? But in reality, if I can’t provide useful information about how you can do it yourself, what’s the point of watching? I won’t go into too much detail about each piece of gear and why it's 'better' than another option - just the results possible with this gear. Seriously, if I can get to this point, you can too.  Constant State of Change Now, first I’ll say tha…

best astrophotography accessories

Astrophotography Accessories


There are so many astrophotography accessories available today to complement your deep-sky or wide-field astrophotography setup. It can be overwhelming to narrow down the ones that will enhance your imaging experience since you usually don't find out you need the accessory until after a few imaging sessions. Some of the most essential astrophotography accessories include a portable power supply, red headlamp, optics cleaning kit, and a Bahtinov mask. All of these seemingly ordinary items can have a profound impact on your astrophotography experience in the field. Whether you use a DSLR c…

Backyard of the Week | August 23, 2021


The AstroBackyard Backyard of the Week highlights astrophotography setups from around the world. A "backyard" can be a balcony, driveway, garden, or wherever else you set up astrophotography equipment at home. By taking a behind-the-scenes look at the equipment amateur astrophotographers use to take deep-sky images, you can get a better understanding of the process. This week’s backyard astrophotography equipment profile comes to us from Cody Shuttleworth in New Zealand. Location: Auckland, New Zealand Although Cody lives in the beautiful paradise (I've always wanted to go) known…

jellyfish nebula

Astrophotography: The Jellyfish Nebula


The Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443) is a supernova remnant located in the constellation Gemini. This nebula is approximately 5000 light-years from Earth and is estimated to be roughly 70 light-years in size.  In the wide-field telescopic view below, you'll notice two bright stars, Tejat, and Propus (Tejat Prior). The locate the Jellyfish Nebula with your telescope, use these two bright stars as a guide. This image was captured from my light-polluted backyard using a dedicated astronomy camera, and a small refractor telescope. The image includes 2.6 hours of total integrated exposure t…

Astronomy Tools Action Set

Astronomy Tools Action Set Review


The Astronomy Tools Action Set (sometimes called "Carboni's Tools") is a collection of one-click Photoshop "actions" that allow you to save time during the image processing stages of astrophotography. An action set can pack a lot of complex operations into a few clicks to help you produce repeatable results that are difficult to achieve by hand. In this article, I'll share my thoughts on the Astronomy Tools Action Set after using this tool extensively for the past 7 years. I'll cover what I believe to be the most useful actions in the set, and when to use them. Click Here to Download th…

Your Astrophoto Skills

Your Astrophoto Skills


This section of the AstroBackyard website is here for you to hone your astrophotography image processing skills. It is very interesting to see different takes on the same data set, using a variety of software to get the job done.  Astrophotography images require careful image processing techniques to reveal the faint and beautiful details that lie within the image data. By observing how others approach the same data, we can get a well-rounded point of reference for the subject. In my opinion, there is no singular "right way" to process your astrophotos, nor is there a superior softw…