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Orion and Running Man Nebula

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The Orion and Running Man Nebula – December 2, 2011

It’s amazing how far one can progress in the field of Astrophotography with a little time (and money)  I have went from snapshots of the moon taken with a point-and-shoot Canon Powershot A720, to detailed Nebulae photos using a Canon 450d on a sophisticated mount! The above photo was taken at the CCCA Observatory on a chilly autumn December 2nd night.

Skywatcher NEQ6 Mount in the Observatory
The Beautiful Night Sky at the CCCA Observatory

On top of being the darkest sky site I have ever been to, I was generously granted permission to use the observatory’s Skywatcher NEQ6 mount.  What a treat it was to spend the night capturing the stars with fellow die-hard astrophotographers.  Along with witnessing advanced AP setups, I was able to view Mars and the Orion Nebula through a 20″ Dob!

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