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M81 and M82

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We had a few clear nights during this past week, and I was able to set-up and image for a few hours. I used 4.5 minute subs for this picture, which is the longest exposures I have ever used. I think I could go to about 5 minutes on a moonless night, but that’s probably it for my light polluted backyard. I desperatly need to invest in an IDAS clip-in filter for my Xsi!

Here are the details of this photo:

22 x 270″ ISO 1600

Stacked with dark, bias and flat

ES ED80 Triplet                                      
Orion Mini Guidescope
Meade DSI II
Canon 450d unmodded
Stacked in DSS
Processed in PS CS5

M82 Close-Up

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