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What is

This astrophotography blog creates an outlet for me to share images, information and tips about my favourite hobby. I received lots of help when I began this hobby in 2011, and it’s my turn to pay-it-forward to the next wave of astrophotographers. I have watched the hobby grow in the short years that I have been involved. There are more options and information out there now than ever before. The one aspect that does not change is a love for the night sky. The story behind the sites name is that the backyard is where I began my journey, and where I still spend the most time under the stars. Travelling to new locations around the continent with much darker skies is great, but happens only once or twice a year at max. My backyards is my personal window to the heavens, and it’s where I connect with the universe.


Lagoon Nebula by Trevor Jones
The Lagoon and Cat’s Paw Nebula by Trevor Jones

Why should I come back?

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy reading about a fellow astrophotographers experiences.  You enjoy hearing stories from someone who shares the same love for astronomy that you do.  If you use similar camera and astrophotography equipment, you might even learn a thing or two from my mistakes.  Maybe you just like to sit back and enjoy the hours of hard work I have put into each and every one of my photos.  Whichever reason you choose, I sincerely appreciate your company.

What to expect

I have recently overhauled my site to it’s current design. is now set to become an authority in the astrophotography community.  You can expect more astronomy related news and events, more astrophotography tutorials and equipment reviews, and of course, all of my astrophotography adventures from the backyard, and beyond.  I plan to share astrophotography processing techniques that have helped me pull the absolute most detail out of my images.  Later this year I will be creating a video tutorial series on youtube that should cover the basics of my current workflow.  I am not an professional photographer, image-processor or scientist, but I am dedicated to improving my skills.  I am an active member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, as the current webmaster and newsletter editor for the Niagara Centre. Please follow me on Twitter for the absolute latest news.

@astrobackyard on Instagram

I post new and old astronomy photos in Instagram quite regularly.  Feel free to connect with me over there!


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  1. Hi Trevor,
    Let me start out by saying how much I enjoy your videos and postings and recently your podcasts. This has helped me tremendously to get into astrophotography and move forward much faster as I would normally have, by avoiding many of the mistakes that lurk on the way to a good image. I feel your pain of having to use all sorts of filters because of light pollution where you live, but if you think things are bad because you are living in a red zone, take consolation in the fact that I am living in a white zone, in the middle of Dallas, Texas. I can literally read large letters in a newspaper in the middle of the night with no moon there, light pollution is so bad!
    I have now begun to also listen to your podcasts. They are a great addition to your videos and I like the dialogue format with Steve. However, there is room for improvement with respect to sound engineering. Your own voice always comes over crystal clear, but it seems Steve is sitting somewhere in the background away from the microphone, his voice is muffled and difficult to understand. I end up increasing the volume in my car on the way to work (that’s when I listen to your podcast) whenever Steve is talking, but when you respond it then almost blows my ears out.
    Perhaps the two of you could sit at an equal distance to the (omnidirectional?) microphone in future podcasts? That should fix most of the problem.
    Otherwise, great program! I am looking forward to future podcasts.
    Best regards

  2. Hey Jonsey,

    Just got back with Jay, he let me know about your .com site, it is great, I will make sure I forward this info off to my Bro inlaw Mike, you might remember him from the Haliburton roundup….to bad at the time of the cottage we didn’t have the equipment you use now.
    It would have been quite the sight….
    Congrats on your adventure on DEC 1st, I will keep watching your site for more pic’s and information….

  3. Hey Mark!! Thank you, yes I remember Mike. No kidding about having the gear up there. I remember how incredible the stars were at the cottage. I’m sorry I missed your latest show, Jay said it was a great time. Thanks again buddy, cheers.