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Backyard of the Week

Welcome to the AstroBackyard Backyard of the Week!  This is a place where we honor the hard work and dedication put into building an astrophotography rig to capture the glorious night sky. There are many ways to tackle this hobby, with varying types of telescopes, cameras, and mounts with one thing in common – they produce results!

Each Week (in theory), we will feature a new backyard astrophotography equipment profile from around the world.  Some of us have our astrophotography equipment in a small backyard in the city. Others, overlook a scenic mountain vista from a rooftop patio.  No matter where you do you deep-sky or nightscape photography, I want to see it.

Please fill out the form, and your astrophotography setup may just be the AstroBackyard backyard of the week.

backyard of the week

Backyard of the Week

Thank you for all of the submissions I have received thus far!  At this rate, we will have no problem featuring a different backyard each week for the entire year.

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I’d like to thank all of the amateur astrophotographers that were generous enough to give us a peek into their backyard. When I was just getting started, one of the most helpful things was to see a real photo of the telescopes and cameras others were using – and the results they were getting.

The Backyard of the Week submissions are real-life examples of people just like you and me, and the tools they use to capture the night sky. This creates realistic expectations for a particular setup that others can replicate and expand upon.

Astrophotography is a lifelong passion – the astrophotography equipment featured on this page is the result of countless hours of hard work and determination.  From that first photo of the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy or the Milky Way – We’re hooked.  There is no going back now…

Fill out the form and submit your backyard setup photo!

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