Backyard of the Week – February 5, 2018

Each week we feature a different astrophotography setup from around the world. By taking a look at a complete kit, we are able to get a better picture of what’s working for others.

Take the guesswork out of the process, and replicate a system with proven results.  This week, we have a Newtonian Reflector on a Celestron CG-4 in snowy Montana, USA.

William Grout

Location: Corvallis, Montana

William Grout

This week we have a commendable deep-sky setup from Montana, USA.  William uses an Orion 6″ F/4 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector with his Canon EOS Rebel T1i DSLR camera to capture images in space from the backyard.  I can really appreciate the imaging conditions seen in the photos – it looks just like home!

I love the small shed to house the telescope when not in use.  Also, it’s very interesting to see the Celestron CG-4 Equatorial Mount being used successfully for long exposure astrophotography.  William is running EQMOD through an AstroEQ driver board.

William’s Setup:

The Hardware

  • Orion 6″ F/4 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope
  • Celestron CG-4 German Equatorial Mount
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i DSLR Camera
  • 50mm Guide Scope
  • ZWO ASI 120mm Guide Camera

Running the Equipment

  • Astro Photography Tool for Camera Control
  • EQMOD through AstroEQ Drive Board
  • Stellarium

DSLR and Telescope astrophotography

M81 and M82 by William Grout

Visit William’s Astrophotography Blog

Thank you for sharing your setup with us William, and keep up the fantastic work!

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