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What a Weekend!

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M20 - The Trifid NebulaIt all started on Friday, April 27th when I was lucky enough to spend another night at the RASC Niagara Observatory in Wellandport, Ontario.  The clouds hung around until about 1:30am, just as the moon was setting.  Now that the summer constellations are beginning to appear again, I wanted to take a crack at the beautiful Trifid Nebula.  The above shot was taken with the following details:22 x 180" ISO 1600Stacked with 12 dark framesES 80ed Apo TripletASCG-5 GTOrion Mini GuidescopeMeade DSI IICanon 450d unmoddedStacked in DSSProcessed in PS CS52 days later…

M16 – The Eagle Nebula

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M16 - The Eagle Nebula I have since updated my astrophotography image of the Eagle Nebula. This photogenic Nebula was imaged from my light-polluted backyard in St. Catharines.  I was happy to at least pull out some of the nebula structure with my modest equipment and un-modified Canon 450D.  The Eagle Nebula is a region of active current star formation.  Most of you have probably seen the famous Hubble image "The Pillars of Creation" The details of capturing this image are below: Explore Scientific ED80 Triplet Refractor Celestron CG-5 Advanced Series Mount Orion 50mm Guidesc…

Leo Triplet

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The Leo Triplet of GalaxiesThis Saturday January 21st was or members observing night at my local astronomy club.  Only myself and one other member attended because of cold weather and a lot of cloud cover.  After setting up my gear at sundown, it wasn't until 3:30am that the clouds finally parted!  I started out by capturing light on M80 and M81, but because of its difficult position in the sky, and some technical difficulties, my fellow club member recommended that I try imaging the Leo Triplet.  I was able to capturing over about 1.5 hours on this subject, and I am very h…