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M17 - The Swan Nebula

M17 – The Swan Nebula

Also known as the Omega Nebula

Messier 17, or the Swan Nebula is located in the constellation Sagittarius. This deep-sky astrophotography target is an H II region where star formation has recently taken place.  Also known as the Omega Nebula, this object rises high enough from my latitude to start imaging in early April if you stay up late enough!  It’s always exciting to see M17 for the first time in the year, as it marks the beginning of “milky-way” season for stargazers.

Wide-Field Astrophoto – M17 – Swan Nebula

Photographed on: April 6, 2014

Telescope: Orion 8″ F/4 Astrograph Reflector w/ Baader MPCC mark III Coma Corrector
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ-5 Pro
Guiding: Meade DSI Pro II and PHD Guiding
Guide Scope: Orion Mini 50mm
Camera: Canon EOS 450D (Stock)
ISO: 1600
Total Exposure: 28 Minutes (7 x 240 seconds)
Processing Software: Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop CC
Support Files: 15 dark frames

Guided with PHD Guiding
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Processed in Adobe Photoshop CC